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The Dragon’s Cave

A story that teaches our little friends how
important it is to be careful about who we trust,
but also how important is to be responsible and
always try to fix our mistakes.


Μόνο 5 απομένουν σε απόθεμα


V. Chalkia was born in Piraeus in the 1970s. She is a former Travel Services Consultant and current Mental Health and Self-Awareness Consultant in the Psychoanalytic Approach, a graduate of Counselling from the Psychology Department of the Hellenic University, and a member of the Hellenic Society of Counselling (ELESYP). Her writing work began with her first short story, “ISABELLA”, published and released in December 2015, and since then she has been a member of the “Panhellenic Writers’ Union” (PEL). She is a loyal friend of travel and observation of the World and Life and continues to learn through studying and researching, always starting from her own Inner World!
Literary works:
1. ISABELLA (Short story)
3. WANDERINGS OF THE HEART (Poetry Collection and Short Essays)
4. A WORLD FILLED WITH WAX (Poetry Collection)
Children’s Tales:
1. ELANTHI – The Girl of Joy
2. ELANTHI MEETS PLOOMINA – Friendship, the sacred gift of Life
3. ELANTHI AND PLOOMINA – Nothing in life stays the same


Anthoula P. Veziri was born in 1969 in Athens. She studied at the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education in Athens and since 1999 she has been working as a teacher in public education. She has been attending seminars in psychology, education, literature, illustration, photography and art for many years.
She has written the fairy tale “The Frog in Rowing”, published in the collective book “The Animal Fairy Tale”, by iWrite.
She has illustrated the trilogy of fairy tales “Elanthi”, “Elanthi meets Ploomina”, and “Elanthi and Ploomina” by Victoria Chalkia, published by New Dimension Publications.
She has a degree as an illustrator and has attended drawing and painting courses and has presented her works, both paintings and photography, in group and solo exhibitions. She also has a degree in English and Italian, as well as in computers. She attends guitar and harmony classes at the National Conservatory of Music branch.
She likes and is interested in everything related to art, creation, knowledge, learning and beauty. She is married and has one daughter. She lives and works as a teacher in Athens.